CBSE RESULT 2016-17                                 ALUMNI               CRYPTIC CROSSWORD                                 INTERVIEW_FORM-2017  
14 students of class XII got selected for
AIEEE advanced engineering exam this year
Aryan , Tanmay, Mayank, Tejas, Vibhor, Devdutt, Vipin, Akshay, Rishabh Jakhan, Anmol, Samarth, Isha,
Diksha & Radhika

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Our Vision     
It is our vision to nurture and train the Agarsainians to grow into globally sensitive individuals, laced with Indian values, firmly rooted in Indian culture, equipped with knowledge and skills to help them become citizens of the world. This global  dimension is to be reflected in the attitudes and values of our students and ethos of our school.
Our Mission
The sole aim of MAPS is to nurture and shape the potential of Agarsainians irrespective of socio-economic disparities by providing them holistic education; by creating opportunities through curricular and co-curricular activities; engendering in them varied skill-sets; inculcating Indian values and sensitizing them towards living beings and Mother Earth thus assisting them to become vigilant concerned global citizens.