Club Activity-Maharaja Agarsain Public School, a Cambridge International School

*** Registration open for the Admissions for session 2024-25


Desirable Features For All The Clubs
 1. Participates actively in activities and is an enthusiastic member of the club.
2. Takes the initiative to plan and drive various creative events.
3. Is a member of the student council and helps to organize events in that capacity.
4. Displays originally of ideas and ability to see them through.
5. Reads and shows a high degree of awareness.
6. Shows patience during group tasks.
7. Try to listen actively.
8. Shows the creative approach.
9. Shows good collaborative skills and is able to work effectively in a group.
10. Able to express/contribute ideas and opinions in a group.
11. Displays a healthy school spirit.
12. Shows commitment to his/her work.

     1          HOME SAAZ CLUB          1.Enables  the children with skills to lead a well-balanced life.
2.Involves expansion in child's capacities.     
     2          CHAMPS CLUB-
     1. Displays innate talents in the identified sport.
2. Displays a healthy team spirit.     
     B. SHATRANJ KE KHILADI1.The Morals of Chess Foresight, Circumspection, Caution
 2.Chess  is used  as a tool  to be focused.
1.Being able to identify and understand these core characteristics can help you when talking about a dance performance.
2.Can help to get your messages across through movement.
1. Has good aesthetic sensibilities.
2. Is aware and appreciates the work of artists.
5PORTRAIT CLUB1. Is able to apply skills to art forms.
  2. Shows willingness to experiment with different art modes/media.
6TAGLINE  CLUB1.To be informed about everything.
2. Writing in simple and catchy statements.
7AUTHOR AT WORK-CLUB1.Accept the challenge enthusiastically.
2. Express and Communicate using appropriate words intonation  and body language.
8SAVOIR VIVRE CLUB1. Displays social awareness.
2. Takes initiative regarding social issues.
9LETS VERBALIZE…CLUB1.Creating Clarity  which is an essential feature of a good speech.
2.Creating  confidence  while public speaking.
10WELLNESS CLUB1) Create solutions to have positive and constructive relationships with peers,teachers,parents & community at large.
 2) Appreciate small gifts of life.
11BROADCAST CLUB1. Is good at making cartoons and caricatures.
2. Is able to make good technology/computers.
12MULTI LINGUAL CLUB1. to learn to upgrade the language skills.
2.learn the culture and tradition of different countries with different understanding methods.
13INTELLI- BRAIN CLUB1. Displays an inquisitive temperament.
2. Keeps himself/herself updated.
14SCI - FI CLUB1. Exhibits scientific temperament
2. Shows creativity during club activities.
15MENT- MATH CLUB1.  Is sharp and quick.
2. Is accurate and logical.
16PARYAVARAN  CLUB1. Takes on the responsibility to save the environment.
2. Sensitive towards the threats posed to nature by mankind.
17NOTION CLUB1.Self-expression.
2. Helps in creating Lifetime connections.
18 LIGHT CAMERA ACTION …CLUB1. Identify , verbalize and respond effectively to  others' emotions in an empathetic manner.
 2.  Able to maintain a comfortable level of eye contact.
1.Helps in preparing the students in relating aspects of preparedness for emergencies.
20INTERACT CLUB1. Gives young people an opportunity to participate in fun and meaningful service projects.
2.Helps in developing leadership skills and meeting new friends.
21ANCESTRY CLUB1.To get an idea about-Features of Indian Culture:Longevity and continuity.
2.To explore the adaptability of people with Unity in diversity.
22TRANQUIL CLUB1.Give a practical approach to educating for peace in schools and communities.
23PRAHARI CLUB1.To identify crime-prone areas and To reduce property crime.
2.To foster police-public relations.