Copy of Principal Letter-Maharaja Agarsain Public School, a Cambridge International School

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Principal Letter

‘Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights’- Paulina R. Kezer

Dear Parents

Change and continuity is a classic dichotomy. In our quest for improvement, we strive for change while we also yearn for continuity in order to achieve stability. A classic case of roots and wings!
The pandemic changed the dynamics of education forever. While it brought out the shortcomings of digitalization of education, it also opened up avenues for educators and propelled us further towards the blended mode of learning. Thus, the learning for us has been to modify the old and continue with the best practices for more effective learning.
Our continued existence on this earth requires changing and amending our policies to create a better world, to restore the good and heal the Earth. Our endeavour is to sensitize the children to the needs of others, develop in them the willingness to reimagine and reshape the world, and achieve a more sustainable future for all. Therefore, the focus this year is on the Global Goals - Sustainable Development Goals. The objective resonates with the Mission and Vision of the school that seeks to create a more equal world. This would also support the development of learners who have ‘Empowered Minds and Energized Souls’.
Choosing a theme for the school calendar helps reiterate and reinforce our objectives and aims. We keep evolving with the times, and so does the Theme of the Year. A two-year bracket gives us time to reinforce the chosen theme and inculcate the desired values in our students.  Youth Empowerment, the theme for the years 2014-16, was further reinforced with Skill-Development in 2016-18 which evolved into Think-O-Vate for the next year. As we move towards restoring wellness in all senses, it is only natural that the theme for the year 2023-24 is  Sustainable Development Goals.
Besides this, our continued commitment is to provide to our learners an environment that is conducive to growth and is also safe and hygienic. I call upon you as our partners in our children’s progress to support us as you have done in the past. I look forward to collaborate with you as we strive to strengthen our educational processes by engaging the students meaningfully. As stake-holders, let us work together to create learners committed to caring for others, empathetic and humane, who would build an equal world and a sustainable future.  
Alka Sahni