Standing tall with Accolades…. HALL OF FAME

W e are glad to announce that our school is presented a Certificate of appreciation in recognition of efforts to make Delhi a greener city by Country Director Earth Day Network India in the month of July.

PROUD Mimg25OMENT ...                                                                      
MAPS was extolled with a ‘Certificate Of Tree Planting’ by Earth Day Network. The school conducted a morning assembly for an Environmental & Climate Literacy Teach, to spread awareness about environmental conservation. A plantation drive in the school campus was organised to sensitize children towards nature and  importance of plants and to maintain greenery around the school.

Congratulations to MAPS Fraternity for participating and achieving acclaim being part and parcel of the “Indian Climate Aware Schools Network”. The school is now a part of global campaign for bringing climate change education alive in classrooms. The project is further taken to heights as “Sustainable Goals” is the topic for the integrated project of the school as well . The school teachers are also undergoing on online course under “The Climate Reality Project” to keep themselves and the students at pace with the project.
rachnaHERE WE GO GREEN .....
The school is eulogized with ‘Certificate of Excellence in 3Rs’(Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) organized by National Productivity Council. The certificate was awarded on the basis of the report presented by Saviour club of school on how successfully we are implementing 3R’s in our school  like Rain water harvesting, best out of waste etc.
MAPS bagged the award out of 90 schools that participated for using  experiential and fun learning to create awareness which was appreciated. Our school  placed itself in the galaxy of stars after receiving THE PRESTIGIOUS ROLLING TROPHY  along with the cheque of Rs 15000 from Delhi Traffic Police . MrNeeraj sharma and his team received these ceremonial awards with his team for creating awareness about  Road Safety .
In the survey carried out by the Team of Brainfeed, our school is identified among Top 500 schools of India. The school has bagged "Schools with Best Innovative Practices" & "Top Schools Implementing PBL Methods" awards for successfully addressing the  significant challenges in the education sector. The Award was received  by Ms. Kavita Gupta (Senior Coordinator) on behalf of school on 4th Feb 2017 at Le Meridien, New Delhi.
MAPS at nationals with INNOVATIONS..
It's  a  great  honour  for  Princy  Singhal,  Yashika  Jindal, Mahak    Agg.,  Riya  Goel  &          
Ayushi  Gupta  
to not only represent our school  but  also  to  represent  Delhi  at  National  Children Science Congress (27th-31st Dec) held at VIIT university, Baramati,  Maharashtra under  the guidance of  Ms. Ruchi Sharma.The event was  organised  by  Deptt.of Science  & Govt. of India.  With well appreciated  project presentation by group leader Princy Singhal, our budding gems  received  medals,  certificates  &  trophy  by  HRD Minister.  It  is  worth  mentioning  that  there  were 647 projects in total not only from India but a few from other Asian countries like China, Kuwait etc too.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE....