MAHARAJA AGARSAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL ashok vihar-Maharaja Agarsai n Pu blic School a Cambridge International School

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The school recognizes that global issues are an important part of the lives of our students living in a world where economies are increasingly interdependent and global communication is a daily reality. It is clearly understood that the global dimension should be reflected in the attitudes and the values of our students as well as ethos of the school.The school has adapted its curriculum to develop the following strands in a balanced manner:

  • The global dimension
  • Cross curricular dimension involving various subject disciplines and languages
  • Community participation


To encourage and develop an International dimension in all areas of school life within and beyond the curriculum, the aims of the school are to:
. Embed the global dimension within the school’s internal and external curriculum, engaging students to celebrate their own cultural identity
   and to foster respect for other cultures, languages and religions.

. Develop knowledge and understanding of geographical, historical, political, religious and social differences in the world.
. Prepare students for life in a diverse global society & work in a competitive global economy.
. Bring the world into our class-rooms and school.
. Promote the use of ICT in meaningful contexts for the development of communication skills.
. Work with global partners to achieve mutual educational goals .


1. To identify the concepts based on global dimension in the learning experiences of our students which are...

  • Diversity
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Global Citizenship
  • Human Rights
  • Interdependence
  • Social Justice
  • Sustainable Development
  • Values and Perception
2. To continue to integrate the global dimension into the school curriculum by raising staff awareness of the various curriculum links.
3. To regularly audit and identify opportunities for developing an international dimension throughout the curriculum.
4. To involve the staff, students and wider community in the development of contacts with our global partners.
5. To develop and fully extend our global learning partnerships with a focus on enriching the school curriculum and communication via ICT. This
    will include activities such as :
  • Email and internet projects including video conferencing (where possible)
  • Interacting with visitors from other countries (pupils & adults)
  • Pupil and staff visits to places of cultural interest
  • Staff exchanges and staff resource support to partner schools abroad
6. Plan programmes and lessons so that students have the opportunity to discuss, develop and engage
    with international issues on a regular basis.
7. To develop a strong awareness of similarities and differences in lifestyles and culture in a range of other countries.
8. Help all the learners within the school to benefit from International links and include International activities in the planning.
9. To develop cross curricular activities with International theme/s for all children.
10. To provide the staff with opportunities to compare different teaching and learning styles.
11. To recognize and celebrate the rich cultural and ethnic diversity within the school community.
12. To involve community and parents in celebratory events, exchanges, visits sharing their expertise and experiences.