MAHARAJA AGARSAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL-Maharaja Agarsain Public School, a Cambridge International School

Registration open for the Admissions for session 2024-25 wef from 23rd Nov'23 upto 15 Dec'23

The school uniform is a discipline in itself and the rules regarding the same must be adhered to by all the students. Parents are also requested to buy their wards’ school uniform from the prescribed shop to avoid any inconvenience or any discrepancy in  colour, fabric and designing

Pre.School & Pre Primary , MAPS CAM wing, Mont I, II – Class V
Summer (1st Apr.-14th Nov.)                       Winter (15th Nov.onwards)                           
Pink half sleeves T-shirt(Boys & Girls)                      Pink Full Sleeves shirt (Boys& Girls)
Shorts/Skirts (Light blue denim)                                Trousers (Light blue Denim)(Boys & Girls)
Sky blue cotton socks(Boys & Girls)                          V-neck grey half sleeves pullover
                                                                                        Dark blue jacket-CBSE Pre School to Class II
                                                                                        Blue Blazer with the school emblem-
Cam wing 
Grey woollen socks with pink                                                                                                   stripes.
Classes I-VIII & MAPS CAM wing Classes VI-VIII
Summer (1st Apr.-14th Nov.)                       Winter (15th Nov.onwards)                           
Half sleeves shirt(Boys & Girls)                                  Full Sleeves shirt (Boys & Girls)
Shorts (I-V), Trousers (VI-VIII) Boys                            Trousers (Boys), Skirt/Trousers (Girls)
Skirt(I-IV), Divided skirt (V-VIII) Girls                           V-neck pullover & blazer with school emblem
                                                                                        School Tie

Note: Blue Denim Fabric Trousers/Skirts for MAPS CAM Classes VI-VIII

Classes IX-XII
Summer (1st Apr.-14th Nov.)                       Winter (15th Nov.onwards)                           
Shirt   &  Trousers ( Boys )                                           Shirt & Trousers (Boys)
Kurta  &  Salwar ( Girls )                                               Kurta & Salwar (Girls)
                                                                                        V-Neck pullover & blazer with the school                                                                                                    emblem, School Tie

Common For Boys & Girls:
-School Belt
-Black Velcro shoes by Action (I-V) Boys & Girls
-Black Gola Shoes with laces by Action (VI-XII) Boys & Girls
-Black Hair Band/Pins (For Girls)

  • For Sikh students-blue turban (same shade as that of the trousers)
  • Leggings for girls are not permitted.
  • Gloves , scarf, caps -blue (same shade as that of trouser) 
Students are allowed to wear full sleeves shirt and trousers
during spread of diseases i.e. dengue etc.
The students have to wear House Uniform as per their House Colour on the House Activity day (Day 6)
  • T-shirt of House colour          
  • Blue lowers
  • Blue Jackets (in Winter)        
  • White socks with House colour stripes and black shoes.
  • Wearing School Identity card is a must for all the students.