Principal Letter-Maharaja Agarsai n Pu blic School a Cambridge International School

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Punam_mm-finalDear Parents
Today when ‘Google’ has become a verb and a habit, it is all the more important to realize both as an educator and as a parent that children need to be trained and raised for being smart and original thinkers, informed users instead of just being curators of cut-paste information !
Pondering over the current slew of changes, such as reintroduction of annual examinations at systemic levels for elementary, middle and tenth classes, rescinding of CCE scheme or revoking of International Curriculum by CBSE itself, do pose serious concerns and may have ramifications, if not handled well. Added to it is the ever changing technical, social, political, market and economic fabric of life.
As responsible adults besieged by so many contrasting pushes and pulls, in my opinion, a practical code of awareness and a collective readiness with a well developed and ‘evolving mindset’ and mindful self’ of us is required.
Victor Frankl has shared:  
“Between Stimuli and Response there is a Space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.”
If contemporary changes are stimuli; our responses need to be mindful.
Mindful of this fact, we the School and Family need to be respectful of each others significance and respective responsibilities. Both School and family need to recognize the child’s experiences, growth needs and direct them towards acquiring the accepted human knowledge, skills and developing the right attitudes for life and in life. The sharp focus needs to be not just KNOWLEDGE GAIN but KNOWLEDGE APPLICATION & ORIGINALITY.
I believe, the synergised efforts, wherein teachers and parents have a common vision, will certainly create spaces of freedom, flexibility, thinking and ‘being’ for children.
Almanac 2017-18 is hereby presented before you as an extension and symbol of school’s commitment to practice free and fair communication.
Welcoming positive and pragmatic suggestions.
With regards 

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