Students Week Celebrations-Maharaja Agarsai n Pu blic School a Cambridge International School

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Each subject week celebration aims to foster a love for the same, enhances comprehension and creativity and provides an avenue for self-expression beyond the school curriculum. To achieve such aims, each week undertakes several activities or projects with a view to provide opportunities to all the learners equally. Each subject week is a two-fold event. Initially all the students of a class participate in an intra section activity, thereafter the BEST performing student/group of each section competes in the final activity. The objective is 100% participation of the learners which boosts their confidence and enhances learning.


Learning by Teaching

Presentation week is one such unique annual academic feature where in “Peer teaching” is practised proactively. Each section of a class is divided into groups and each group is allotted a subject-specific teaching concept. Students with the help of their subject teachers create innovative teaching aids and activities to teach their peers.
During the second semester, students engage in a presentation where they explore the complexities of their growing cognitive abilities. This activity fosters interactivity and confidence, while also helping students overcome any fears they may have of the subject. As a result, they gain a solid understanding of the concepts and feel comfortable answering questions from their peers. Additionally, this exercise enables students to develop innovative teaching strategies that enhance their own learning and comprehension of the topic. Overall, this hands-on practice provides invaluable benefits.