Trips & Tours-Maharaja Agarsai n Pu blic School a Cambridge International School

Few seats are available in Pre-School and Montessori Classes. Interested parents may kindly contact School Reception.

School Excursions
Educational excursions and fun outings are a part of education at MAPS.
Great excursions are where our students  have a date with fun, enjoyment and everlasting learning  experience. Keeping fun and learning had in hand, MAPS has explored almost the whole of  ‘Incredible India’. The uncharted territories have been left for future sojourns, for sure. At times excursions and trips have also been clubbed with project-works where every student gets ample scope to explore and exhibit his/her talents and abilities.

Running crazily all over the ground, climbing new heights, giggling away with friends, enjoying the rides, dancing to music, doing naughty things on the swings, having hands on experiences, learning from their surroundings-our students get to live every moment of their childhood at fun-filled excursions.
-Yet another shot in the arm-an experience truly,” educating:!!!
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